martes, 17 de octubre de 2017


"A profusion of pink roses bending ragged in the rain speaks to me of all gentleness and its enduring".

William Cullen Bryant

That is certainly a beautiful quote but the truth is Roses don't like to be in the rain for a long time...I know this from bitter experience. This winter was extremly rainy and warm, then spring began with yet more rain and warmer days: the recipe for Rose disaster... rose rust, blackspot, powdery mildew and the most feared disease: Rose dieback.... I had to cut some roses to the ground because their stems turned black from the tip and the blackness almost reached the trunk.. I hope they survive but usually they don't. Growing roses in this climate is like tilting at windmills... a mug's game I can't win I have been trying to stablish a rose garden for more than 20 years and I still face the same failure every year..most of the time my roses look like a bunch of thorny branches with a few diseased leaves holding on for dear life, It's not that I am doing something bad or I ignore some trick because all roses in all gardens in this area look very bad (it's the climate stupid!) I should  give up on them but I love roses too much!  ¿why is it so hard to accept the limitations of the climate? I confess I live in severe zone denial. English and German books were my introduction to Gardening and defined my taste; I looked to English and Germans gardens as models of what my small suburban garden in central East Argentina should look like. I was defeated before I even began! please excuse my rant but I have this frustration gnawing at my gardener heart right now and needed to vent and clear it out ! Now some pictures of the survivors...

Honoré de Balzac, gorgeous with lovely perfume


Unidentified yellow Rose

Ena Harkness, very pretty but has a weak neck and blooms often hang down

Charles Aznavour

I was told that this hot pink might be Electron,, she is one of the toughest roses in my garden and withstand humid conditions and diseases better than others.

Unidentified rose

Unidentified rose (it turns orange after some days)

¿Electron? Since she is so resistant I have many of them, her cuttings root very easily.

Unidentified rose

Unidentified rose

Unidentified once-blooming climbing rose

Undentified rose (I was told she might be Landora)

Parure d'Or.. one of my all time favourites: lovely color, great fragrance and overall good resistance to almost all diseases.

Unidentified rose

Unidentified yellow climber rose

¿Electron? Again

Parure d'Or again

Unidentified rose

Unidentified rose.. a sentimental favourit of mine, the oldest rose in my garden, She's been with me for 22 years, very tough and never gets sick. My grandfather planted it, I love it so much.

Tourmaline, very pretty

Unidentified climbing rose, I call her granny's rose since she came from her house

Unidentified rose, another tough lady: she never gets sick.

Parure d'Or and unidentified rose

Unidentified yellow rose

yes it's ¿Electron? again..

Unidentified rose..


Unidentified rose..I was told she might be "Kabuki" her tips turn orange after some days.

Tourmaline again

Eminence fully open

Climber Peace, I love her so much!

Snow Queen .. a well choosen name! she literally melts in the sun, the flower gets scorched very quickly.

My grandpa's rose again

Unidentified yellow rose

Bonica 82 a though Lady, she never gets sick

Parure D'or ... her flowers often look somewhat untidy

Undentified red rose, shy bloomer.

See you next time!

lunes, 16 de octubre de 2017

First Water Lily of spring!

The first Water Lily of spring has bloomed! It's Barbara Dobbins, as always! She always blooms first (and sometimes last!)

Isn't she lovely?

See you next time!

domingo, 1 de octubre de 2017

Before and after the rain..

After a very rainy (and warm) winter spring has arrived bringing yet more rain. I am not complaining I like rain and benefits most of the plants in my garden, I say most because my Roses don't like to be wet for many days since that creates the ideal conditions for their archenemies:Blackspot, cankros, powdery mildew, rose rust.. It's been raining almost weekly since July and everything looks beautifully green but it won't last much: soon the lushness will be checked by the first summer heatwaves.. so I will enjoy it while it lasts!

The roses, the few that survived..

The Camellias are still blooming.. I love them madly!

The lantana is showing her first blooms

This Tillandsia Aeranthos is a native bromeliad that grows spontaneusly on trees, they have very nice blooms.

And today it was a very rainy day but I decided to take some pictures of the roses and other plants because I love the sight of raindrops on flowers and leaves: it's pure magic!

Roses covered with raindrops or battered by the rain


The first water lily blooms are coming!

And a last picture of raindrops on a palm leave!

See you next time!