viernes, 30 de junio de 2017

Invierno en el Jardín

El invierno ha llegado a mi jardín, este año hasta ahora ha sido muy benévolo con temperaturas cálidas para esta época y hasta ahora ninguna helada. Los inviernos en esta zona son cortos y con pocos días realmente fríos es por esto que muchas plantas florecen en esta época y algunas incluso mejor que durante el verano. Los invito a ver algunas fotos de mis flores invernales!

A días de su poda anual las Rosas siguen con flores

Las Camelias comienzan a florecer, un poco antes de tiempo este año..

Algunos hibiscos siguen floreciendo, otros han dejado caer sus capullos durante los días mas frescos

Esta plantita posiblemente algún tipo de salvia se autosiembra muchísimo y florece durante todo el invierno

En el estanque un nenúfar tropical "Lindsey Woods" produce una ultima flor que es visitada por una abeja

Y por ultimo una foto del duende del jardín!

Hasta la próxima!

6 comentarios:

  1. You have a lovely collection of roses - many more than I have here in Southern California, especially during our hot, dry summer months. Mine are usually starved for water. I have not been lucky with Hibiscus either (again not enough water) but I do love them!

    1. Hello Kris! Roses here have lots of problems during summer months, too much heat and humidity. Water is never a problem here, there is ample rain (never less than 52 inches)evenly distributed throughout the year. The problem is the intense summer heat and the fact I am stubborn about growing unsuitable temperate climate plants such as roses!( I am really hooked on english gardens!)Hibiscus here are easy to grow and untroubled by pests or diseases maybe an unsual winter frost can damage their foliage but frosts are few and far between.

  2. Hello MDN,
    What a wonderful roses are growing in your garden. I am amazed to read you are in wintertime now. I have Camelia's too! They start to bloom late February ore the begin of March in Holland. Having Hibiscus in the garden must be great. They don't survey our winters.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Rosehugs Marijke

    1. Marijke thanks again for helping me to identify my favourite rose, I had made an entry in my blog asking for help to find her name:

      Now I know thanks to your blog: Parure d'Or!

      Send you my best wishes!

  3. Hello MDN
    thanks for finding my blog and leaving such a nice compliment about my roses. You also have a beautiful collection of roses.
    Yes, my garden is liked by roses, but there are also enough plants which don't like it. Forget about Camelias and Hibiscus here!
    I see you also like to surf around in the worldwide garden blog world like me. So I add you to my blog list too.
    Maybe your blog becomes a motivation for me to brush up my small Spanish knowledge?:)
    Until next time

    1. Sigrid, thanks for visiting! I've always thought Camellias would grow well in Germany, I love Camellias as much as I love Roses maybe even more since Camellias give no problem never get sick and nothing eats them here. As for Hibiscus they have never been my favourite flowers but they grow untroubled and easily give color to the garden. Greetings!