martes, 15 de agosto de 2017

The Camellia by Honore de Balzac

In Nature's poem flowers have each their word 
The rose of love and beauty sings alone;

The violet's soul exhales in tenderest tone;

The lily's one pure simple note heard.

The cold Camellia only, stiff and white,

Rose without perfume, lily without grace,

When chilling winter shows his icy face,

Blooms for a world that vainly seeks delight.

Yet, in a theatre, or ball-room light,

I gladly see Camellias shining bright 

Above some stately woman's raven hair,

Whose noble form fulfills the heart's desire,

Like Grecian marbles warmed by Phidian fire

8 comentarios:

  1. That poem is beautiful! I think of Camellias as elegant and serene, without need for a rose's perfume or a lilies need for attention. What they are is enough.

  2. Good morning dear MDN
    What a lovely poem. Camelia's are so beautiful to have in the garden.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Rosehugs Marijke

    1. Yes Marijke, Camellias are a precious gift from nature!

  3. Wonderful phrasing! I wonder if flowers compare themselves to other flowers? Somehow, I can't envision them doing so. It may be a funny comparison but I see them more like cats than humans - they're perfectly satisfied with what they are, without any need to judge themselves against others.

    1. Kris I always wondered the same and often think that Camellias are Divas who don't like to share the stage since they bloom in winter when most plants are dormant or not producing blooms, when I was a child I imagined a feud between Roses and Camellias over who is more beautiful!

  4. I love this poem MDN. But why 'cold Camellia'? I think it's such graceful and nice.
    Have a nice week!

    1. Nadezda, Camellias are winter bloomers and often the only plant with flowers at that time in many gardens and that can make them seem distant and aloof flowers, I guess Balzac was thinking of that when he wrote this beautiful poem. Camellias are my passion I can't live without them!