viernes, 29 de diciembre de 2017

Summer, blooms and bees

Despite the unbearable heat of these summer days ( 40 C- 104 F yesterday) and sudden downpours that only make things worse I have a reason to smile: The lotus are blooming!

This flower was so high up! I needed a chair to take the pictures

Mrs Perry Slocum day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Another Mrs. Perry Slocum plant

And yet another one (made lots of new plants in winter when I divided rhizomes)

Bees love the Lotus flowers! (and I love bees!)

The following pictures are a big achievement for me: I've been trying to take pictures of this big bumblebee for months and the lotus finally gave me the chance I needed!

The bees also love Roses

Bee on Ligustrum sinense

Roses without bees

Hibiscus syriacus is blooming

Hibiscus sinensis (I think I never posted pictures of these varieties before)

The water lilies continue blooming.. I often say I hate summer and my climate in general because I can't grow peonies, tulips and other temperate climate plants but when I see the all the water lilies I can have here I feel a bit better! (I'm still waiting for the real Queens of the pond.. shy blommers but spectacular! you'll see them)

Mirabilis Jalapa is beautiful but can take over easily if left unchecked!

See you next time and wish you a happy new year!

jueves, 21 de diciembre de 2017

Summer is here

Summer begins today in the southern hemisphere... it's definitely not my favorite season: Summer here can be brutal, in the hottest months of the year temperatures can rise to 45 C (113 f) and occasionally even more, rain is ample but evaporates quickly under the scorching sun and wind does not seem to bring relief. Nevertheless some plants thrive in these conditions....

Water lilies are the soul of the summer in my garden.

Blushing bride ...breathtakingly beautiful! one of my favorite lilies.

Closing by the afternoom

Blue star

I think this lily is Carnea

Golden west, a tropical lily

Lindsey Woods

Lindsey Woods with a dragonfly

Red Start with dragonfly

Red star again

Sasaki Pink

Hydrangeas..I love them so much! I want more hydrangeas in my life/garden

The first Agapanthus of the year

Fuchsias are blooming

Not many roses lately.. heat takes a toll on them... on contrary hibiscus love the heat

Mirabilis Jalapa.. cute but very invasive!

The lotus are almost there...

See you next time!