jueves, 29 de marzo de 2018

Love at first sight!

 Yesterday I was seeing the David Austin utterly tantalizing catalog online and discovered his "Wedding roses" ¿has anyone seen these superb beauties? I was enraptured!

Photo from: www.parfumflowercompany.com

They look so voluptuous, rounded and much more double than any Rose I've ever seen... they make my roses look like trash now.. oh God why can't I be happy with Peace, Iceberg or Papa Meilland ? Why do I have this stubborn drive to grow the ungrowable and try the untryable?why? why? why? I think the title of this post should be "Musings of a Rose maniac" :)

Happy Easter everyone!

martes, 20 de marzo de 2018

Goodbye summer and don't come back!

While days are still hot the nights are considerably cooler and cold southern winds are blowing more often. This is enough to get roses back to life. Let's see some of the brave survivors.

Grand Gala,  the favorite rose of my beloved departed mother.

"Empress Farah", a rose of irresitible beauty, with cold the orange color of the tips becomes more intense, almost red.

Julia's rose, she was almost dead one month ago, I was about to dig her out! now she is full of buds.

Peace/Gloria Dei, visited by a bee

An unidentified white rose

White Christmas, there were two of this variety but only this one survived summer

Parure D'Or, one of the best roses of my garden: she is not as double as others but never gets sick, doesn't mind heat at all and smells wonderful.

Tourmaline, slowly coming back to life.

Unidentified climbing rose

Enjoy spring if you are in the northern hemisphere and embrace the fall if you are in the south!

See you next time!