miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2018

The Rose, Queen of Flowers: Nothing can eclipse and nothing can rival her.

I fell head over heels in love with roses when I was a child and the love of them is in my soul and is with me ever since then. In my humble opinion nothing in the plant world comes close in either smell or sheer beauty to a Rose.

I think every garden should have at least one rose in it and although they may need a little more care than many other plants (specially in my warm, humid climate) I can forgive them their black spot and mildews since the joy of seeing their colours and shapes and smelling their perfume never loses its magic!

"Blue Parfume"

"Peace/Gloria Dei"


"Mary Rose" gorgeous and exquisitely fragrant!

"Lichfield Angel"

"Double Delight"

"Abraham Darby"

"Pat Austin"

"Julia's Rose" I love her unusual caramel color.

"Parure d'Or as bush and climber

"Golden Celebration"

"Comtesse du Barry"

"Jubilé du prince de Monaco"

"Bonica 82"

"Jardins de France"



"Gertrude Jekyll"

"White Christmas"


Unidentified yellow rose

"Madame Driout"

Unidentified yellow climbing rose

"Darcey Busell"

"Winchester Cathedral"

¿Do you love roses? ¿which ones are your favorite?