viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2018


The spring begins today in the southern hemisphere! The unusually cold winter has finally exhaled its final breathe and with it came some nice warm days that brought plants back to life, Early spring (just like fall) is a brief but glorious time for planting and enjoying the garden to the full, the rest of the year is basically a prelude to or a recovery from the long scorching summer. I planted many new roses in winter (I wish I had more room for a few more roses!) I hope you enjoy the pictures of my spring plants!

My flowering peach tree epitomises spring

The first roses

The Lady banks rose, this is her second year in the garden

Camellias are still blooming

My only rhododendron doesn't look great this year, it was transplanted and seems to dislike the new place

Spirarea cantonensis

There is lots of Clivias blooming

 Magnolia Liliflora, unfortunately some bug ate most of its buds.

Enjoy Spring if you are in the southern hemisphere and embrace the beauty of fall if you live in the north!

jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2018

Spring is just around the corner

Spring is almost here, this year the winter was unusually cold with many frosty nights and cloudy days, this strange occurrence gave me a little glimpse of what gardeners in colder climates experience every year: the plants halted their growth. Last yeat I had water lilies and hibiscus blooming in winter as I showed in previous entries, but this year there was nothing blooming, the cold made everything go dormant, now days are getting warmer and plants are slowly "waking up".

Clivia miniata is blooming now


First Ranunculus blooms

The common peach trees are blooming too

See you next time!

jueves, 26 de julio de 2018


 One of my biggest passions is the camellia plant, I've been fascinated by this perfect flower since my early childhood. I love camellias as much as I love Roses but unlike with Roses I don't have to struggle month after month to get them to succeed.

Are you enchanted by the beauty of camellias as well?

jueves, 21 de junio de 2018


Winter starts today in the southern hemisphere. It is my favourite season: I love cold days and it seems this winter will be unusually cold, it was still autumn when we had 3 nights with frost and below zero temperatures!! This hadn't happened since 2015.

The last roses before the prunning.

In the pond a stubborn water lily refuses to go dormant

Hibiscus don't like cold and their leaves look sad

But they will continue blooming through the winter, frost might damage their foliage and blooms but never lost an hibiscus to cold here

Enjoy winter if you are in the southern hemisphere and embrace summer if you live in the north!

See you next time!

miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2018

Late May blooms

There are not many flowers in the garden lately. This Camellia is the only one blooming at the moment, I won't see many flowers on my camellias this year because the hail storms ruined most of their buds.

Not many roses after the rainy weeks of April and May

Good news: Jean Giono is back! I can't believe I found another one!

Hibiscus keep blooming as usual ... I should love this noble plants more, they bloom almost year round, never get sick and once they reach a certain size they live on their own, I don't even water them.

An Aloe has bloomed 

In the pond most water lilies are "sleeping" but some varieties are still blooming

See you next time!