miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2018

Summer is around the corner..

It's november and the days are getting very hot (and very rainy!) Summer is my least favorite season of the year: the insane heat, the blazing sun, the suffocating humidity and the bugs make gardening a torment during the summer months. Gardening in early spring and autumn is much more my thing! Most plants (with exception of a few that like to bloom at this time like the Water Lilies and the hibiscus) slow down. Roses are particularly impacted by heat and even if deadheaded, they rebloom more slowly and the flowers are apt to be disappointing—small and pale with crispy leaves.

"Empress Farah Diba" one of my favorite roses

Isn't she lovely?

"Red intuition" I love this unusually beautiful rose

"Lady X"

"Grand Gala"

Unidentified yellow rose

"Pat Austin"


"Graham Thomas"

In the pond water lilies continue blooming, this one is "Barbara Dobbins"

"Blushing bride" absolutely gorgeous!

"Lindsey Woods"

"Sasaki Pink"

"Pink Pom Pom" one of my favourite lilies.

Many Amaryllis blooming lately

Hibiscus resented an unusually cold winter, they are starting to bloom again.

What's blooming in your garden now?