lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2018

Happy new year (and water lilies)

I wish all my readers and visitors a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Gloire du temple sur lot (aka the Queen of the pond has bloomed!

Third day bloom, completely white I could not take pictures of the first and second day because of the intense rain.

This is another Queen of the Pond, second day: shell pink, absolutely gorgeous! Water lilies love the heat, the hotter the better but I'm not seeing many blooms so far and they are quite small because I didn't repot them last summer, I should do it soon but it's a physically demanding task: the pond is deep, the pots are big and my back is bad.

More lilies!

See you next year!!

13 comentarios:

  1. Your water lilies are both plentiful and absolutely gorgeous, MDN! Best wishes for a very happy and healthy new year!

  2. Beautiful water lilies, MDN! May the new year continue to bring you beauty, joy, and love!

  3. Very beautiful waterliles, MDN!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Your waterlilies are amazing. Thank you for letting us see the treasures of your garden.
    Happy New Year, dear Marcelo!

  5. Me encantan esos Nenúfares MDN y sobre todo el de la foto nº 7 con ese color azul cielo, ¡es precioso!
    Aprovecho para deserte un ¡Feliz Año! en salud y felicidad y que podamos seguir compartiendo esta preciosa afición que tanto amamos.
    Recibe un afectivo abrazo.

  6. Oh my!How adorable!Your post is a gift for a happy new year!Thanks for sharing and for your visit.Best wishes.

  7. Charming water lilies, Manolo. What a beauty!
    Happy new year! Feliz ano nuevo!

  8. Que maravillosas flores, las fotos preciosas. Que disfrutes de un año maravilloso y se cumplan todos tus deseos. Un fuerte abrazo.

  9. Stunning water lillies!!
    Have an amazing New Year :)

  10. Happy New Year to you, Marcelo. Your water lilies and ponds are a feast for the eyes!

  11. Adoro essas plantas dágua.
    Continuação de um bom mês.

  12. Hello MDN,
    I see I missed a lot since my last visit on your blog. So many colourful blossoms! Your beautiful water lilies brighten my winter day!
    Wish you also a happy new year 2019!
    And to answer your question: So far haven't seen anything blossom this year.

  13. Hello, Manolo!
    Where are you? Are you OK?
    I miss your posts...