martes, 9 de octubre de 2018

Spring flowers!

It is spring in the southern hemisphere and many plants and blooming in my garden! come and see!

The Roses, Queens of the garden are starting to bloom!

Parure D'or, a very fragrant and healthy rose that blooms no matter what

Parure D'or and unidentified hot pink climber

It can be grown as a climber or bush

Lady Banks rose

Louis de Funes

Double Delight


Charles Aznavour



 Unidentified yellow roses

Unidentified climber

Here looking floppy after the rain

Peace/Gloria dei, this is a climber with huge flowers but unfortunately very prone to powdery mildew and blackspot


Brown velvet

Unidentified climber rose, the red burgundy color is too complex and the camera doesn't not do full justice to it, it's gloriously fragrant but also very susceptible to humid related diseases.

Unidentified yellow climber

Pat Austin

A very reliable bloomer and very fast grower!

                                                                   Winchester Cathedral

First blooms of Pierre de Ronsard/Eden Rose,  new in my garden, I hope she fares well because I love the beauty of her flowers.

Unidentified once blooming climber, it's huge and have to prune it every summer.

My garden is essentially a rose garden but there are some other plants as well

My Rhododrendron is blooming but not as nicely as other years, it didn't like to be transplanted

My Dahlia has bloomed, it doesn't look like Purple Gem at all... but I like it anyways. I had never planted Dahlias before but I am amazed by how fast it grew and bloomed. I will plant more Dahlias next year.

My Wisteria has bloomed too but this is its only bloom, it has never bloomed profusely I think it lacks sunlight. Sun is a problem in my garden since all sunny areas are occupied with Roses!

¿What's blooming in your garden these days?

See you next time!

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  1. I am glad to see that your roses are putting on a great show in your spring garden! They are all beautiful but I especially like 'Parure D'Ore' (which reminds me a little of 'Peace') and 'Pat Austin'. Congratulations on your success with the dahlia (even if it was mis-labeled)! I had problems with the labeling of a lot of my own bulbs last spring.

    1. Hello Kris! Parure D'or is a great rose, very fragrant, healthy doesn,t mind heat at all I think it might fare well in your garden. I hope the fall is bringing relief to your plants after the summer months.

  2. Beautiful photos of your roses! It's nice to see them, because it's fall here right now.

    1. Marit, roses (and Camellias) are my biggest gardening interest, it's spring here but some days felt like summer with temperatures over 30 c. I hope fall is looking great in your garden!

  3. Preciosos rosales tienes MDN, no se por cual de ellos decantarme son todos preciosos.

    1. Gracias! Adoro las rosas aunque reconozco que son bastante caprichosas y mi clima cálido y húmedo no es el que más les gusta pero no podría concebir mi jardín sin ellas. Saludos!

  4. Do you organize guided tours in your garden? The visitors would be dazzled by its beauty. :)
    Your rhododendron is very elegant.
    One of my rhododendrons has a very nice amount of buds, but last time they didn't survive the heavy frost. We have already had some snow but it disappeared soon.
    Happy spring!

    1. Sara, so you are already having snow? on contrary I am having the first days with temperatures over 30 c... not good news for roses. I love rhododendrons but was never lucky with them, they resent the summer heat too much and the soil doesn't seem right for them, a real pity because they are just gorgeous.

  5. Hi, Manolo!
    I love all your roses but Double Delight is my favorite one. Your rhododendron looks nice, the lovely color. Mine are of other colors, I should buy one as yours :-)
    Spring is a colorful season, as autumn is here. In your nature all plants grow and bloom and here all plant leaves get yellow, dry and fall.

    1. Nadezda, double delight is a beautiful rose but as most hybrid tea varieties is very prone to humid related diseases, I began planting David Austin Roses in february and they have proven to be stronger, I think I will eventually replace all hybrid teas with english roses. Happy autumn!!

  6. Your roses are all looking beautiful, Marcelo. I’m amazed they’re blooming already. Mine are just budding up now, but they are covered with thousands of aphids which appeared so suddenly. Do you remember I bought Julia’s Rose after I saw yours? Mine has never flourished.😢

    1. Jane, thanks for visiting again! Spring seems to come earlier here, most of my roses are budding up too, but now we are having too much rain and the archenemies of my roses showed up: powdery mildew , rose rust and blackspot... there is nothing I can do until drier summer days come, it's a pity when the first flush of roses is ruined by an excessive rainy spring, it happened last year too. Julia Rose is lovely but requires some patience until it decides to bloom, mine bloomed today and has 6 buds more. Feed her with a high N fertilizer once a month, it gives shy bloomers the kick they need, it worked with Julia, Empress Farah Diba, Madame Driout and other - beautiful - poor performers.

  7. Respuestas
    1. Thanks for visiting! your blog is very beautiful, I'll add it to my list. Have a nice sunday!